Susan Rinkus Farrell

Certified Health Coach®️

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Continence/Bladder/Pelvic Floor Biofeedback Specialist

Healthcare Advocate/Navigator

Healing Circles Facilitator & Trainer

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The Healthy Bladder Coach

As a holistic certified evidence-based health coach,
I'll meet you where you're at, 
and I'll help take you where you want to go.

Helping perimenopause & menopause women 

with embarrassing bladder control problems 

to empower themselves to take back control of their bladder and life,

by guiding them to create their own


Being confident in social situations. 
Enjoying sexual intimacy. 
Taking back control of your bladder and your life. 
Becoming your best possible healthy self.
You don’t need to imagine anymore
because you have the
to make this happen.
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 It's never too late to fight back. 


Many of us color our hair, or cream the wrinkles from our face, but yet give little thought to preserving bladder function.


It involves thought and effort to achieve healthy bladder practices to maintain as much function as possible for as many years as possible into old age. 

The Simon Foundation for Continence


If you've answered 



to any of these statements,

then you're in the right place. 
You're not alone.
  • Leak when you sneeze, laugh, cough?
  • Experience an urgent need to go, and don't make it to the bathroom?
  • Have unexpected bladder control accidents in public?
  • Avoid sexual intimacy because you're afraid of bladder leaks? 
  • Limit social interactions because you fear public embarrassment?
  • Map out the nearest toilet locations when away from home?
1 out of 4 women
over the
age of 18 
bladder control problems.
bladder control problems
may lead to
other medical problems.
Even with professional clinical help, bladder control problems
still continue. 

Many common bladder control problems

can be reversed, 

or at least properly managed.

Bladder control problems are not something you just need to live with.
Bladder control problems are not a normal part of aging, childbirth,
or of anything. 
You don't need to accept this as part of your life.
And the earlier you start taking care of your bladder and pelvic floor,
the better your success in preventing, reversing, stopping
bladder control problems.

Life is just too short to live with something that is so treatable.

National Association for Continence

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Hi there and welcome,

I'm Susan Rinkus Farrell and I help women who want 
to take back control of their bladder and life from common embarrassing bladder control problems by guiding them to create their own
As a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Continence -  Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor Biofeedback Specialist, and now a Certified Evidence-Based Health Coach®️, I’ve witnessed first-hand in my clinical, and in my health coaching practice, what it takes to get your best possible healthy bladder, and to stop or control common embarrassing bladder control problems. 
And that's why I've created a client-directed evidence-based health coaching program that guides you to create your own personalized Your HEALTHYBLADDERSOLUTIONS Program TM

If you're at the point where you're saying "enough is enough" and you want to take back control of your life from common embarrassing bladder control problems, and you want personalized solutions, then my services may be for you.
You don't need to just IMAGINE being free from common embarrassing bladder control problems,  you can actually LIVE it.
What will describe your
Healthy Bladder Solutions journey?


 Here's what I know:
  • Way too many women are losing the freedom to live life on their terms because of common, and often reversible, bladder control problems.
  • Why the current health care system fails so many women suffering needlessly from bladder control problems. 
  • What’s necessary to reverse many of the common causes of bladder control problems in women.
  • Much of this can be accomplished through a personalized Your HealthyBladderSolutions Program 
  • That a holistic mind ~ body ~ spirit approach is key to getting back control of your bladder and life.
  • Providing women with knowledge through empathetic  support produces the greatest success in guiding them in their transformation to not only having a healthier bladder but a healthier self. 

Holistic health coaching involves guiding the whole person to heal their mind, body and spirit.


It involves thinking about and assisting with the effects of illness on the body, mind, emotions, spirituality, religion and personal relationships.


Every person is their own individual.

Susan, I have been wanting to call you and tell you how much you helped my mother. I can’t even express it in typing, we need to talk on the phone.


My mom is literally a different person because of it.


Thanks again for all the information and guidance you provided in the early stages and later in her treatment. 


You helped to get her bladder control problem solved quickly and in a manner that was very considerate of her personal needs.

~~ Patricia

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