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Take Back Control of Your Bladder & Life

No pads. No pills.

Strengthen your pelvic floor, no leaks in just a few weeks!

The Yarlap with AutoKegel ® is an award-winning, FDA-cleared medical device that does the workout for you!

$50 off & free shipping in the USA.
Use discount code: HEALTHYBLADDER

Pelvic floor muscle exercises are considered a first-line treatment option, meaning this is what is often suggested to try first for your bladder control problems.

This is a non-invasive treatment as opposed to taking medications or surgery or getting Botox injections into the bladder.

It can be difficult isolating the correct muscles to squeeze or relax.
Yarlap device.png

You try to do them on your own but just can't seem to do the exercises correctly or consistently.

And maybe you can't make it to the weekly pelvic floor physical therapy appointments.

Or you forget how to do these exercises when you get home. 


Then you give up in frustration, and you feel defeated because
you think "the Kegels don't work for me." 

Or maybe you just want to start working on  pelvic floor muscle exercises as part of your self-care program.

Or you want to supplement what you've learned during pelvic floor therapy.

Because having your best possible healthy bladder and pelvic floor involves continuing these exercises to maintain as much function as possible for as many years as possible.

Does this sound familiar?

Yarlap® is an FDA-cleared bladder control device to strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles for you with AutoKegel ® Technology.

  • Use discount code HEALTHYBLADDER for $50 off & FREE shipping in USA.
  • 60-day money back guarantee from Yarlap. 
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible.
  • International shipping is available.

** Denotes an affiliate relationship with Relevium Labs Inc makers of the Yarlap with AutoKegel ® and commissions maybe be received for products purchased through this site.

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