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Bladder Control Problems:
The Silent Stigma

Many women think this is a problem they must accept and they live with its embarrassment. 

Many think this is normal and acceptable as one ages.

Bladder control problems are not normal.

You have a choice to take back control of your life from bladder problems. 

You have a choice to help a loved one maintain their dignity with bladder problems.

You Are Not Alone

At Healthy Bladder Solutions, we believe the first step is to become informed and understand the problem. 

The next step is to develop a personalized health coaching plan.


Who uses our Health Coaching Services?

Women going through perimenopause and menopause who find themselves starting to have bladder accidents.

  • Do you have bladder accidents when you laugh, sneeze, cough or when you are trying to get the key into the front door?

  • Do you find yourself needing to use the bathroom more frequently & map out bathroom locations when you are away from home?

  • Do you find that you are having frequent urinary tract infections? 


Daughters and sons whose elderly mothers are having bladder
problems that are affecting their mother's ability to maintain their independence, dignity and quality of life.

  • Mom lives at home, is becoming forgetful, having bladder control accidents, and frequent urinary tract infections.

  • Mom lives in an Assisted Living facility and started to have bladder control accidents and has stopped socializing.

  • Mom is in a nursing facility and has frequent urinary tract infections and is always asking for help to go to the bathroom.


We will listen and provide health coaching based upon our professional experience to help you develop a plan that meets your needs.

Health coaching is provided in the comfort of your own home via a combination of telephone, email, and internet video conferencing.


Health coaching may be:

  • A detailed explanation of the problem or health condition with multiple solutions developed with the client.

  • A list of questions to ask your healthcare provider.

  • A list of treatment options to discuss with your healthcare provider.

  • Personalized healthy lifestyle coaching.


Not sure?

Send us an email and briefly explain your concerns. 

We will also follow up with a free 10 minute phone call to better understand your situation and to explain our fees.

Payments are made through PayPal.

We will let you know if Healthy Bladder Solutions Health Coaching is an option for you. 

We will also make suggestions for other services if appropriate.

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