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What's a 3  Day Holistic Bladder Control Journal?

The Holistic Bladder Journal is a valuable assessment tool used to identify trends or patterns over a 3-day period time and learn what foods, drinks, and emotional situations trigger your bladder control and leakage problems.

By identifying triggers, you can take steps to reduce or eliminate those things that provoke and contribute to your bladder problems

Because when you're living day in and day out with daily bladder control problems, it's common to not be able to see these patterns, but keeping the Journal gives you and your healthcare professional a snapshot of what's going on so steps can be taken to help you get back control of your bladder and life.

You want to gather this information for 3 days but it doesn't need to be 3 consecutive days, 3 days in a row would be good, but 3 days within a 7-day period of time is ok.  Try to have at least one of those days over the weekend or any day(s) that have different activities than your routine days.  

The Journal is a self-care tool you can use anytime you need to gather information so you can take steps to regain your bladder control. 

Additional information and instructions are included in the Journal download.

One step at a time. 


That's all it takes to be on your way to taking back control of your bladder and life from embarrassing bladder control problems.

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